Islamic emirate welcomes US decision to facilitate Afghan aid



The Islamic Emirate on Friday praised the United States’s efforts to facilitate the flow of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan as the US Treasury issued three General Licenses that legally–but conditionally–make provision for financial interaction with the “Taliban and Haqqani Network.”

The US Department of Treasury on Wednesday issued three General Licenses to facilitate the continued flow of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan from the international community and international organizations.

The Islamic Emirate Deputy Spokesman, Bilal Karimi, said Afghanistan has witnessed a 20-year war, so it needs more international support.

“Afghan people passed through long wars, and drought is another problem ahead of Afghanistan, so we appreciate such a decision,” said Bilal Karimi.

The aid, which is expected to be provided based on the licenses, will support activities including rule of law, citizen participation, government accountability and transparency, human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as access to information and civil society development projects.

Meanwhile, political experts believe that the US has taken the first step toward engagement with the Islamic Emirate by issuing these licenses.

“The issuance of the three licenses by the US will prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan and show that they (the US) are worried with the situation in the country; beside this, the decision shows their engagement with the Islamic Emirate,” said Shaker Yaqoobi, a university professor.

In the wake of the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan, the United States imposed sanctions on Afghanistan and locked billions of dollars belonging to Afghanistan’s central bank.

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