Education Minister’s remarks trigger strong reactions


The remarks of the education minister regarding girls’ schooling has faced a strong reaction inside and outside Afghanistan.

In a visit to Uruzgan province, the, acting Minister of Education, Noorullah Munir, said that people do not want their girls to attend school in the current situation.

His remarks sparked reactions among Afghans as well as on social media. “All of Afghanistan cannot be represented by 5,10 or 15 people,” said Zubaidullah, a resident of Uruzgan. “The remarks of the education minister are his personal remarks.

I as a father don’t want my children- daughters to be deprived of education,” said Raziq, a resident of Bamyan.

“We never deprive our daughters of education–either in the religious schools or government schools,” said Nader, a resident of Nimruz.

There have been many reactions by media users in the country as well.

“The education minister claims that the schools are closed based on the people’s wish. The schools which were reopened for two days in Paktia, we have seen much praising of it, but after they were closed, we have seen protests inside and outside of Afghanistan,” said Shakila, a resident of Herat on social media.

“We have called for the reopening of girls’ schools from the first day and said that we have enrolled our children in the school to educate them,” said Mohammad Qassim, a resident of Kabul.

Former President Hamid Karzai said on Twitter he met with Markus Potzel, deputy head of UNAMA, and discussed the current Afghan situation and the need to reopen girls’ schools. Karzai called for a return to intra-Afghan dialogue to ensure enduring peace and stability.

Special envoy for Afghan women, girls, and human rights Rina Amiri tweeted in response:

“The Taliban claim that schools are closed to girls due to families’ preference & culture. But parents, religious figures & people throughout Afghanistan have loudly & repeatedly demanded girls return to school.

This is not Afghan culture but Taliban ideology imposed on Afghans,” Rina said.


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