Islamic Emirate Reaffirms Afghanistan is not a threat to other countries



A fter restarting the activity of Organization of the Islamic Cooperation in Kabul, the representative of this organization met with some officials of the Islamic Emirate.

Mawlawi Yaqoob Mujahid, the acting defense minister, in a meeting with Tarig Ali Bakheet, the OIC secretary-general’s envoy to Afghanistan, emphasized that Kabul adheres to the Doha Agreement.

“In this meeting, the acting minister of defense said that the Islamic Emirate is adhering to the Doha agreement and said that Afghanistan soil will never be used against other countries,” said Enayatullah Khwarazmi, spokesman of the Defense Ministry.

“Islamic countries are concerned about the economic and human situation in Afghanistan, and they want to recognize the Islamic Emirate, but they cannot take this step until girls’ schools are opened,” said Tariq Farhadi, political expert.

Meanwhile Bilal Karimi said that now Afghanistan’s borders are more secure than ever.

“This is a reality that Afghanistan’s borders are more secure than ever, and the Islamic Emirate does not allow threats from Afghanistan to other countries,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman of Islamic Emirate.

Meanwhile, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s office reopened in Kabul and restarted its activities in Afghanistan.



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