Islamabad’s shops adorned with flowers, teddy bears to attract customers


Local university calls upon female students to wear Hijab, boys to wear prayer caps on Valentine Day

Zubair Qureshi

A circular about Valentine’s Day allegedly from a university calling upon students to wear ‘modestly’ on Valentine’s Day has been making rounds on social media.

A local medical college affiliated with with a private-sector university apparently issued guidelines to the students about Valentine’s Day.

The said notice whose authenticity is yet to be confirmed has given ‘guidelines’ to male and female students as how they should dress on February 14.

In the circular, the college administration has asked the female students to “cover their heads, neck and chest according to the college’s dress code”, they have also made it mandatory for male students to wear a “white prayer cap.”

A distance of two metres between male and female students is also mandatory.

The said instruction has invited criticism from the netizens who said it was unnecessary and uncalled for act of interfering with individuals’ lives—what they do and how they wear.

Meanwhile, Islamabad is abuzz with Valentine Day’s festivities and after a gap of one year due to coronavirus, the federal capital is now celebrating once again Valentine’s Day and one could see on Sunday crowds of customers at flower and gift shops. After red roses, beart-shaped red balloons and teddy bears are the most popular items that youngsters are looking for to present to their “Valentines” on February 14 (today), the day that is dedicated to feasts of love.

While talking to Pakistan Observer owner of a flower shop in Super Market (F-6 Markaz) said he had sold up to 1,000 flowers and bouquets since morning and hoped to sell a lot more on Monday (today) as there are some chivalrous lovers and absent-minded husbands who are reminded either by their friends or wives themselves that it would be good for them if they purchases a flower or a gift for their loved one(s).

We are selling a flower twig between Rs200 to Rs500 and a bouquet of flowers between Rs1,000 to Rs5,000, he further saod.

Usually we have a rush of customers during the last hours of the day, he said.

Afzal, a vendor of flowers said he had stored a large number of flowers to sell on Monday to commuters at busy crossings. I hope to make a good money by selling one twig of flower for Rs200.


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