1100 kites confiscated


Police have seized 1100 kites, 23 strings during crackdown against kite-flyers and kite-sellers and held 26 violators, informed police spokesman here Sunday.

Ratta Amral police recovered 291 kites and 05 strings from 05 accused Nafees, Tariq, Saleem, Momin and Usman. Similarly, Bani police recovered 220 kites and 03 strings from accused Abdul Fahad.

Similarly, Sadiqabad police recovered 185 kites and 08 strings from 02 accused Abdul Wahab and Faraz Tariq while R.A Bazar police recovered 10 kites from accused Shehzad. During the operation, Race Course police recovered 27 kites and 02 strings from 02 accused Bilal Tariq and Zeeshan.

Morgah police recovered 80 kites and 04 strings from 02 accused Saad and Hamza, while Mandra police recovered 110 kites from accused Paras Ali.

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