Islamabad Retailer Association to be represented in FBR policy: Sarwar


Staff Reporter


Representatives of the Islamabad Retailers Association will be included in the FBR policymaking and the policy will be made after consultation with the retailers to promote healthy business environment in the country.
These views were expressed by FBR Member Policy Dr. Hamid Atiq Sarwar in a meeting with the delegation of the Islamabad Retailers Association. He said that we have simplified the tax return which will help the income tax assesses to file his return system .Member FBR Tax payer Audit Ms. Noshin Javed Amjad said that the FBR always welcomes positive suggestions from the business community and will ensure representation of the Retailer Association. she announced to give there presentation to Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari Chairman and Owais Mehmood Sheikh President in the tax policy of FBR. On this occasion, Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari said that we are ready to contribute more in the revenue collection but the recent environment of harassment has made it impossible to increase the revenue collection. He said we would work to bridge the differences and misunderstanding between FBR and the tax payee.
The president of the association, Owais Mahmood Sheikh, said the business community would work with FBR officials and with their cooperation to promote the tax culture in the country. He said that the businessman is the backbone of the economy of this country and with the help of the retailer; the objectives of all FBR policies can be achieved.
The delegates inculded Zafar Bakhtawari, Chaudhry Tahir, Chaudhry Nadeemuddin, Shams Sultan, Bilal Hussain, Chaudhry Shafiq, Col. Ahmed Naveed, Aslam Khan, QaiserKhattak, Ahmed Faraz Malik, Imran Khurshid and Iqbal Khan.

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