Islamabad: President Alvi ready to assist flood-hit city in his boat

Islamabad: President Alvi ready to assist flood-hit city in his boat

Following severe rain in the Federal Capital, the Islamabad government has cleared the roads, but President Arif Alvi is not taking a back seat and is ready to assist them.

“Islamabad is my city just like Karachi and all other lovely cities of Pakistan,” President Alvi said in a tweet, where he can be seen rowing a boat in Karachi in 2017 when he was an MNA.

“I am confident that Islamabad’s administration are doing their job well but if need be, I am ready with my boat,” the president added.

Monsoon rains: PM Imran cautions citizens after urban flooding hits Pakistan’s capital

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday cautioned citizens about the heavy monsoon roans after two people were killed in urban flooding caused by cloudbursts in parts of Islamabad.

The premier in a tweet said: “With the heavy monsoon rains I want to alert and caution our citizens to take special care”.


He has also directed all the relevant agencies, including National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) “to be on high alert with ready & rapid emergency response actions”.

Mother, Son Killed in Flooding

Police have confirmed the death of a mother and her son in Islamabad urban flooding.

A number of videos shared by users on social media show the floodwater washing away cars in the E-11 sector of the capital.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafaqat in a tweet said, “Cloudburst in Islamabad has caused flooding in various areas. Teams are clearing nullahs/roads. Hopefully, we will be able to clear everything in an hour.  Everyone is requested to plz cooperate and restricted unnecessary movement for the next 2 hours”.


Pakistan Army troops called in for rescue efforts

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that the army and other local authorities were present in Islamabad to handle the situation.

Talking to the media during his visit to Leh Nullah, the minister said that the army is alert.

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