Islamabad flooding: 2 killed due to cloudburst

Islamabad flooding: 2 killed due to cloudburst

A woman and young child were killed in Islamabad on Wednesday when a cloudburst produced severe rainfall, resulting in urban flooding in many parts of the city.

Footage circulating on social media showed floodwaters washing vehicles away in the capital’s E-11 neighbourhood.

The flash flood was caused by a cloudburst, according to Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, who asked the people to “cooperate and restrict unnecessary movements.”

The deputy commissioner also said that the Rawal Dam spillways were being opened while urging the people to remain away from the Korang and Soan riverbanks.

Bathing in rivers was also prohibited under Section 144, (power to issue order absolute at once in urgent cases of nuisance or apprehended danger), according to the DC, who added that rescue and management teams were on the scene to address the situation.

Meanwhile, police authorities verified the aforementioned fatalities at a home in sector E11/2, stating that floodwater entered the basement of the house late at night, killing the kid and subsequently killing the mother.

Flooding in sector E-11 was caused by “poor management” of private housing projects, according to authorities, who added that there was no equipment available to cope with the problem.

The army, the Wasa, and the whole government are on high alert: Sheikh Rashid

The army and other local officials were present in the federal capital to cope with the situation, according to Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid.

“[The] army is alert, Wasa (Water and Sanitation Agency) is alert […] the whole administration is on duty,” he said.

During his visit to Leh Nullah, he made such comments in a chat with the media.

The Punjab Chief Minister has issued a flood warning for Rawalpindi’s Leh Nullah.

Following the flooding in Islamabad, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar issued an alert due to the danger of flooding in Rawalpindi’s Leh Nullah and ordered Rescue 1122 to

The chief minister has also requested a study on water drainage in low-lying regions, according to the state broadcaster.

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