Islam and the sword


Malik M Aslam Awan

THE sophists of Hindutva often stigmatize the Muslim rulers of the subcontinent that their coercive and repressive policies made the life of the majority population of the subcontinent, the Hindus, so deplorable that they had no option except to embrace Islam. The Hindutva sophists contend that the Muslims of subcontinent are not natives, they were invaders, having the lust to plunder the wealth of India and later on settled in the territory to establish their rule over the subjugated Indians. They present the profile of Muslim rulers as the most-cruel ones on the globe. The polemics always polarize in the connotation of forced conversion of Hindus and other nations of the subcontinent.
The sophists of Hindutva always deliberately ignore the societal discrepancies and vacuums they themselves created in the rank and file of their co-religionists. The Brahmins treated the lower castes as untouchable. In reality the untouchables were treated in ignominious way, so much so that they were always afraid of being victimized of brutal physical and mental torture. The ignominy inflicted upon the untouchables made them have a tilt towards Islam as Islam presents a brotherhood system amongst its followers.
In Islam every follower has equal status and rights and no person is superior to the other, except “TAQWA” being God fearing. The untouchable community after embracing Islam were entitled to all civic rights as enjoyed by Muslims. Islam has always been presented as a cruel religion and Islamic punishment code as most cruel towards humanity. The plebeian sophistication is intended to denigrate the Muslims all around the globe as hardliners, having no element of mercy. Opponents of Islam, in reality, have no knowledge of Islam and are ignorant of the universal truth that Islam endowed its followers equal rights amongst each other, even in Islam the ruler had no prerogative over others. Islam is a religion of peace and mercy and the cruel and merciless persons have no room in Islam.
Islam is the simplest religion empowering women even slaves equal rights with men, even the most powerful have no superiority over the weakest. It endows all its followers to earn honest livelihood and prosper in society with honour and esteem. Islam is the custodian of the rights and honour of its every follower. In Islam those who infringe upon the rights and honour of other co-religionists even the non-Muslims is punishable with severe punishment. Sophists of Hindutva present a hard profile and tenor of Islam only to denigrate the Muslims due to their embedded proclivity towards Islam, to malign for no just cause, but to prove a religion inimical to humanity.
The incipient point culminate vigorously to simmering passions to incinerate every soul belonging to Islam, which they exhibit in Kashmir and since the creation of Pakistan had uncountable inflictions experienced due to being Muslims. Although the fall of Dhaka is the natural result of mal-administration of the rulers of Pakistan, yet the incinerate passions of Hindutva are not inalienable in the causes of the separation. The Hindutva incinerative passions, also, ignited the flames of separation. Coming to cynopsis the narrative that Islam spread in sub-continent by the sword of the conquerors is the biased version of the facts.
Islam spread in the subcontinent through the saints, who entered in sub-continent before the conquerors and enlightened the brains of the natives with their efficacious teachings. The natives found that Islam is the true religion leading them to the path of mundane and heavenly heights and glory. Having embedded the enlightened inspiration they embraced Islam as a true and merciful code of life, ensuring its followers the shortest path to iconic mundane life and permanent abode in Heaven as promised and ensured by Allah Almighty as benevolence upon true believers.
—The writer is a politicians, journalist, author of English Book on current affairs.

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