ISI and national interests of Pakistan | By Dr Muhammad Khan


ISI and national interests of Pakistan

THE defence forces of Pakistan act as a strong combat power to defeat the evil designs of rival forces in physical terms.

Winning the war against terrorism is just a recent achievement of the defence forces of Pakistan.

The defence forces, in fact, deal with the physical domain of combating the adversaries and the rival forces which act in various forms and formats.

In order to be effective and for timely combating the aggression of rival forces, defence forces need timely information and early warning of the designs of rivals.

In Pakistan, the premium intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) acts as eyes and ears for the defence forces and other organs of the state.

Primarily ISI safeguards the national interests of Pakistan as the vanguard of defence forces and the state.

Indeed, it protects the state, its institutions and masses and paves way for the global safeguard of Pakistani national interests.

Ever since its establishment, this premium organization has acted as the first line of defence for Pakistan.

It provides timely information and early warnings about the global and regional happenings with particular reference to their impact on Pakistan.

Moreover, ISI through its efficient organizational structure and dedicated work force timely informs the leadership about the emerging threats and approaches to counter those threats with needed counter measures.

Owing to its most efficient recital and farsightedness, it is globally ranked among top few spying networks of the world.

Ranking this premium organization as world’s top network is a matter of great pride for the Pakistani nation.

The more this organization gain in term of professionalism and farsighted planning, Pakistan will be more secure and protected from the conspiracies of global spying networks and the rival forces which otherwise look for an opportunity to harm Pakistani national interests.

Indeed, safeguarding the national interests of Pakistan is the primary objective of this premium Pakistani agency.

In the last two decades, ISI has successfully unearthed and destroyed the network of terrorism which the enemies of Pakistan have established to destabilize and weaken the state, its institutions and Pakistani society.

It has successfully unearthed the abettors, sponsors, supporters, financers and sympathizers of terrorism, extremism and radicalization both within Pakistan and across the Pakistani frontiers.

The rival international and regional spying networks have been operating from the neighbourhood of Pakistan with the aim of internal destabilization of Pakistan.

These forces have been operating from the soil of neighbouring states much before the incident of 9/11.

Indeed, the international forces planned the war on terror for the devastation of Pakistan and to create chaos among the masses for the initiation of civil war.

Alongside the defence forces of Pakistan; ISI played a decisive role to counter and finally defeat the regional and international conspiracies against Pakistan.

This premium Pakistani spying network has thwarted the anti-Pakistan activities of regional and international spying networks which were operating from all around.

It has successfully countered and debauched these hostile spying networks and their huge infrastructure.

Otherwise, it was very difficult to deal with highly sophisticated and well-knitted international and regional spying networks.

Today, Pakistan is the biggest supporter of peace and stability in its neighbourhood, especially in Afghanistan while the RAW is all out to sabotage it while making use of NDS.

In the last two decades, all military operations against terrorism were preceded by the elements of this premium intelligence with timely information and access to targets.

Operation Rad-ul-Fassad is totally intelligence-based operation which has destroyed the sleeper cells of terrorists and financial basis of extremism, terrorism and radicalization.

Apart from supporting the defence forces of Pakistan on the issue of security and strategy, this premium organization looks after over-all national interests of Pakistan.

It plays a greater role in finding the economic opportunities for Pakistan at international level.

It also facilitates advancing the trade and commerce for the business community of Pakistan at international level.

The organization has greater role in creating a positive image of Pakistan which the rival powers have tarnished over the years.

Owing to its marvelous achievements, the regional and global spying networks have planned to harm this brilliant organization by all means.

Since the direct attacks over this organization have failed, the rival agencies have lobbied to defame the organization through internal and external defaming campaigns.

Through a well-orchestrated campaign, some political and social segments in Pakistani society are being lured-in through various means to defame ISI.

These segments are being approached through surreptitious means for initiating narratives which aim to create animosity among the masses against this organization and the defence forces.

Some of the political outfits are being asked to defame the organization through their political statements and political workers.

Through an indirect approach the rival spying networks are creating an environment in Pakistan to mobilize the political forces, the social and religious groups and media houses against this national institution of Pakistan.

These indirect strategies are part of hybrid warfare, the enemies of Pakistan have already unleashed against Pakistan. Let’s not be driven by the agendas, narratives and interests of rival powers.

After all, the hybrid warfare is all about the game of building perceptions and in the case of Pakistan these perceptions are deliberately constructed against its defence forces and its premium spying network.

These all aim at weakening the impregnable defence and security of the state of Pakistan. As a nation, let’s not be carried away by the malicious designs of some groups and political outfits.

There is a need to understand that, ISI is the first line of defence for the state and society of Pakistan.

It could not be shattered despite decades of international and regional conspiracies against it by adversarial powers.

At this critical time, let’s strengthen the narratives for national integration and defeat such narratives and campaigns which aims at destabilizing the state of Pakistan and defamation of its defence forces and premium intelligence agency (ISI).

— The writer is Professor of Politics and IR at International Islamic University, Islamabad.


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