‘Is this reset of relation with US?’: Imran Khan lashes out at govt after Biden’s remarks about Pakistan

Imran Khan Biden

Islamabad: Former Prime Minister and Chairman PTI Imran Khan on Saturday lashed out at the government after US President Joe Biden termed Pakistan as probably “one of the most dangerous nations in the world”, saying that the country’s nuclear weapons lack “cohesion”.

In a statement, the former Prime Minister said that Biden’s statement showed the total failure of the government’s foreign policy and its claims of reset of relations with the US.

“Is this the reset?”, Imran Khan asked.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden said that Pakistan might be “one of the most dangerous nations in the world” as the country has “nuclear weapons without any cohesion”.

The President made these remarks at a Democratic congressional campaign committee reception.

He said that there was a lot at stake. But, he said, the US had the capacity to lead the world to a place it had never been.

“Did any of you ever think you’d have a Russian leader, since the Cuban Missile Crisis, threatening the use of tactical nuclear weapons that would — could only kill three, four thousand people and be limited to make a point?” He went on to ask: “Did anybody think we would be in a situation where China is trying to figure out its role relative to Russia and relative to India and relative to Pakistan?”

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Imran Khan inquired: “On what info has [the US President] reached this unwarranted conclusion on our nuclear capability when, having been PM, I know we have one of the most secure nuclear command [and] control systems?”

“Unlike the US, which has been involved in wars across the world, when has Pakistan shown aggression [especially] post-nuclearisation?”

Taking a jibe at the incumbent government, Imran Khan said what worried him was that the government would end up completely compromising Pakistan’s national security.

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