Is it justified to exploit animals as objects of entertainment?


Lately, the Express TV has been under a lot of criticism. “Time Out with Ahsan Khan” a newly aired show introduced a segment in which the host, Ahsan Khan punishes the guest for giving a wrong answer. To make the guests pay the penalty, little rabbits are placed on their laps. The segment has faced severe backlash for exploiting animals as props.

Rabbits are extremely timid and sensitive creatures. They poor animal can easily be scared with loud voices and using them as objects of entertainment is unethical. It is also insensitive towards the guests who are forcefully made to cradle the poor animal placed in their lap.

Due to the intense backlash and people petitioning against the imbecile segment of the show PEMRA has decided to take notice.

Earlier, the clips of a frightened, almost crying Maya Ali and a scared Ayeza Khan went viral. People deemed the whole thing as insensitive and insane.

We hope that these insignificant attempts to achieve viewership can be eliminated from our industry!

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