Irrigation dept recovers over Rs44m through E-Abiyana billing


The Irrigation Multan zone has recovered over Rs 44 million in water charges through the E-Abiyana billing system so far during the Kharif season 2021.

According to Irrigation department official sources, 416 out of 1646 villages of Multan zone were included in the E-Abiyana billing system and bills of over Rs 86.6 million Abiyana have been disbursed to 79196 growers of 415 villages so far. Over Rs 2.3 million Abiyana was recovered so far as over Rs 3.8 million Abiyana was issued to 3315 growers of 20 villages in the Multan division.

Likewise, over Rs 3.7 million was recovered against over Rs 14.3 million Abiyana issued to 12724 growers of 80 villages of the Shujabad canal division.

Over Rs, 17.8 million water rates were recovered in Trimmu headworks, Over Rs, 19 million water charges were recovered from Lodhran canal division while over Rs one million recovered from Western Bar lower. There were five canal divisions including Multan canal, Shujabad, Trimmu, islam head works.

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