Iran asks Kabul to Take responsibility for border security



Following the clashes between border forces of the Islamic Emirate and security guards of Iran, the foreign ministry of Iran asked Kabul to secure the borders between the two countries.

Nasser Kanani, spokesman of Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs, said that securing the borders is important for widening commercial relations between the two countries.

“We understand the situation of Afghanistan, but the Islamic Republic of Iran expects the de facto authorities of Afghanistan to take full responsibility for the security of common borders inside Afghanistan,” he said.

Kabul says it has ordered its border security forces to secure the border areas between two countries.

“Every country wants to have no problems in its borders, and the Islamic Emirate has ordered its officials on all borders to take care of the borders and not to enter into a violent mode with anyone,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate.—ToloNews

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