Investigation into Sherpur Land to begin in near future



The commission of land acquisition said that the investigation of the government land in Sherpur will be kicked off in the near future.

A spokesman for the commission said that more than 50 acres of land were distributed unfairly to officials during the former governments.

“The technical delegation will investigate the land in the Sherpur areas, where the lands have been distributed unfairly, and will share the results after the investigation,” said Abdul Hamid Jahadyar, a spokesman for the commission.

This comes as the community leader and residents of Sherpur welcomed the investigation of land acquisition in the area.

“We welcome the start of this process because this land belongs to the Bayt al-mal (government) and this is the right of all people of Afghanistan and it should be retaken from the powerful individuals,” said Sayed Mohammad, the community leader.

“This land belongs to the Bayt al-mal (house of money) and it should not be possible for a few powerful individuals to seize it,” said Shamsullah, a resident of Sherpur.

The land in Sherpur and Wazir Akbar Khan were distributed to the government officials and people close to them during the former government. —Tolo News