Introduction of Matric-Tech


NATIONAL Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) is launching its flagship project of Matric-Tech which will be third stream of education alongside matriculation in general science and arts and is aimed at integrating technical and vocational education and training with formal education. According to Executive Director NAVTTC Dr Nasir Khan, initially, the Matric-Tech will be piloted in 15 schools of Islamabad, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan. The scheme will provide opportunity to the youth to choose their career path by giving them options to select between higher education and skill education according to their aptitude.
Skill development is inextricably linked to the economic development of the country and it is satisfying that NAVTTC has been contributing to the national endeavour to impart technical training to thousands of youth in collaboration with educational institutions. However, introduction of Matric-Tech would be the first concrete measure towards the goal of skill development as it would take care of those segments of the society that cannot afford to equip their children with higher or professional education due to financial or other constraints. Successful implementation of the programme would empower hundreds of thousands of poor and middle class families as their children would be ready to take up technical jobs in the market against comparatively higher wages or begin their own businesses. There is mind-boggling development in science and technology, as a result markets are flooded with all types of modern gadgets. However, at the moment, old technicians and mechanics are unable to understand these technologies, therefore, repair and rehabilitation of costly equipment, sometimes, becomes an issue. It is, therefore, hoped that properly trained and skilled manpower would be in a position to help resolve this problem as well. However, much depends on what we teach to students in schools and whether or not institutions are equipped with relevant labs and workshops. The programme is being introduced as a pilot project but we would urge that in collaboration with federal and provincial governments, NAVTTC should undertake comprehensive planning to launch it in most of the high schools of the country by next year in view of its clear benefits for individuals, families and the country.

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