International drug lord arrested in Dubai



An international drug lord linked to several violent crimes in Belgium has been arrested in Dubai, according to European media. Nordin EH, 32, is said to be the mastermind of an international cocaine trafficking ring.
Nordin is believed to have ordered a string of grenade attacks against his rivals in Belgium while he was in Dubai, according to Brussels Times. In recent years several grenade attacks have been carried out in Antwerp during clashes with rival drugs gangs although it remains unclear if Nordin could be linked to all of these attacks.
The Antwerp court is set to issue a request for his extradition to Belgium, reports Gulf News.
Nordin’s arrest comes close on the heels of the arrest of convicted Czech fugitive Miloš Skorepa. The 51-year-old was sentenced to eight and a half years by Czech courts for stealing millions of dollars from a subsidiary of the government owned Czech Consolidation Agency. However he fled the country in 2007 and disappeared. Skorepa was on the run for the past 13 years before being caught in Dubai and extradited to Czech Republic.