Interfaith harmony can thwart enemy designs: Maulana Azad

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Chairman Central Ruet-e-Hilal CommitteeMaulana Abdul Khabir, who is also Imam and KhateebBadshahi Masjid Lahore, said that presentlyourcountry Pakistan was in dire need of unity, solidarity and peace.

“Enemy forces want to undermine the unity, peace and unity of Pakistan. We must remain vigilant and thwart all the conspiracies of the enemy.”

He was addressing the Solidarity Peace Conference held under his chairmanship and organized by MajlisUlema-e-Pakistan at Karachi Press Club.

He said terror forces wanted to create chaos and instability in neighbouring Pakistan through instability and sectarianism.

He said that peace in Muharram is the first priority. Ulema will respond to the enemy forces through their role and efforts.

Addressing the gathering, Maulana said that promotion of inter-faith harmony is a requirement of the situation. “If inter-faith harmony is strong then national unity and peace will be strong.”

He asserted that minorities are safe in Pakistan. “We have thwarted the nefarious agenda of the enemy forces through the message of Pakistan and will continue to thwart in the future as well.”

The religious scholar said that the entire enemy network was destroyed by the Pakistan Army. “It is a great achievement.

The Pakistan Army has made everlasting and unprecedented sacrifices for the stability and security of the country which is a source of pride for the entire nation.

Soldiers of the Pakistan Army have sacrificed their lives to protect the borders of Pakistan.” We are a living nation and know how to defend the homeland.

MaulanaKhabir Azad urged the Ulema to keep their ranks strong in this month of Muharram as in the past.

“Strengthen interfaith harmony, thwart any attempt at anarchy and instability,” he stressed. He concluded with raising slogans, “Long live Islam. Long live Pakistan and Armed Forces.”

PirHabibullah Chishti, Qari Khalil-ur-RehmanJaved, Allama Ali Karar Naqvi, Qara-ul-Ain Abidi, Mufti MunirAhmad Tariq, Hafiz Muhammad Salafi, PirWajahat Ali Taji, Hafiz Pir Muhammad Shah Hussain Qadri, QariNazir Ahmad Naeemi, Maulana Mufti Sibghat Allah Al-Yamani, Qari Shams-ud-Din, Allama Muhammad Yusuf Kashmiri, Muhammad Ashraf Qureshi, Mufti Yusuf Kasuri, Mufti Muhammad IlyasZakariaMemon, Mufti YahyaZakariaMemon, Allama Asif Mustafaee, Qari Abu Bakr Arshad Wazir Abadi, Muhammad Ashraf Qureshi, Asad Jan,
Mufti Muhammad Tariq, Qari Habib-ur-Rehman, MaulanaYounisullah Dad, Allama Ahsan Siddiqui, Sardar Ramesh Singh, Vijay Swami Maharaj and others were present and also spoke.

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