Restaurant owners assured of redressal of problems

Staff Reporter

Businessmen Group Chairman Zubair Motiwala has said that restaurant owners in Karachi will not be left alone, their voices will be raised at every level to solve their problems and every door will be knocked.

The entire team of Karachi Chamber is working day and night to remove the obstacles in the restoration.

They expressed these views yesterday.
All Karachi Restaurant Association Chairman Asad Hanif and General Secretary Faizan Rawat, Senior Vice Chairman Imran Sheikh, Mohammad Saeed Qureshi Hanifia and other restaurant owners while talking to the business community on the occasion of the invitation extended by the Karachi Chamber of Commerce, KCCI President M Shariq Vohra, former President AQ Khalil, Younis Bashir, Senior Vice President Saqib Goodluck, Vice President Shamsul Islam, Small Traders Committee Chairman Abdul Majeed Memon, Police Chamber Liaison Committee Chairman Hafeez Aziz and other business leaders were present.

All Karachi Restaurant Association leaders Asad Hanif and Faizan were present at the meeting.

They said The Chamber of Commerce should take the voice of restaurant owners forward at the Federal and provincial levels and better highlight the problems of restaurant owners before the government, he said, adding that restaurant owners could not tolerate further closure of restaurants and the SOP.

Restaurant owners are facing severe difficulties due to repeated lockdowns, while more than 80% of the city’s restaurant owners have gone bankrupt due to the lockdown that has been going on for the last 16 months.

Nearby restaurants have closed, he said, adding that the restaurant sector has a unique place in the bigest city like Karachi. Every citizen goes to the restaurant for entertainment with his family while there are more than 7,000 restaurants in Karachi.

There is a huge number of business activities, so the Karachi Chamber should convey our voice to the government so that our business, which is currently facing severe difficulties, can get out of this crisis, said Zubair Motiwala, and Karachi Chamber of Commerce President Shariq Vohra assured the leadership of the All Karachi Restaurant Association that the Karachi Chamber would raise its voice for the revival of the restaurant sector at all levels and make efforts to get every restaurant owner out of this predicament.

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