Integrity leadership training program held



Integrity Leadership Training Program/Ethical Ambassadors Training Program was an initiative savored to embed the concepts of integrity cohesiveness, accountability and anti-corruption in the future leaders of Pakistan and to make them law-abiding citizens of the nation. Keeping this in view, Professor Syed Hussain Haider developed a hybrid practicum focused 5 weeks hybrid training program for the fresh graduates of top Universities of Pakistan.

This program embarked on its journey in September in UOL when the nominations for participants were received from University of Lahore (UOL), University of Central Punjab (UCP) and Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS. Then the resumes of the candidates were reviewed thoroughly by the organizing team followed by a written exam. The candidates who cleared the written exam were then called for a screening interview by a panel of experts. 22 nominees were selected as the participants of ILTP/EATP.

The project was initiated on 7th October 2022 with orientation where all the panelists of ILTP joined. Rector UOL Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf also honored the ceremony with his kind presence and words. He shared that this program will be beneficial for the participants in corporate world.

Prof. Syed Hussain Haider, Integrity Advocacy Expert and TOT Lead Trainer UNODC, Prof. Basharat Ullah Malik (UCP), Mr. Kazim Ali (UCP), Mr. Haroon Ahmed Shabbir (SVP/Director Human Resources, Armentis Technologies Pvt. Limited), Prof. Tahir Ashfaq (UCP), Mr. Shan-e-Muhammad Malik (Gloria Jeans and Ideas Pakistan), Prof. Atif Raheem (LUMS), Professor Dr Tanvir(UOL), Mr Adeel (CEO Armentis Technologies Group ) also addressed the orientation ceremony.

The participants were given 4 modules developed under GIEP program UNODC. The modules were as follows: Challenges of Ethical Living, Detecting and Investigating Corruption, Behavioral Ethics and Ethical Leadership. All the modules had 3-4 case studies. These case studies were based on problems and challenges in Pakistan and how to decipher them. They were the restricted version of Global Integrity Education Program. Alongside, students were also assigned to watch 4 motivating videos of interviews conducted by Prof. Syed Hussain Haider. These interviews portrayed how poor families and people with physical disabilities are trying to make their way through life.

The first 4 days of physical training were based on topics such as: challenges of ethical living leadership in professional and personal grounds, time management, corporate decorum and office diversity, ethical negotiation, and the power of persistent incremental change, business communication, 5S and kaizen, professional ethics.