Instagram, Twitter restrict Kanye West’s accounts over policy violations


Famous hip-hop star Kanye West’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were restricted in the wake of his outrageous statements. A Twitter spokesman reportedly confirmed the information to Variety. His account was banned by the microblogging site, but the firm has not yet given a reason why.

Kanye’s most recent two tweets, which have drawn heavy criticism for being anti-Semitic, have been widely cited as the reason why his account was restricted.

In the tweets, West stated that he couldn’t be antisemitic in the article and claimed that Jews had “toyed” with him.

“I’m a little sleepy tonight, but when I wake up, I’m going to kill three Jews”, he wrote. Currently, the tweet has been removed.

“The ironic thing is that black people are truly Jews, so I can’t be anti-Semitic. You guys have played pranks on me and attempted to blacklist everyone who disagrees with your ideology”, West continued.

Twitter friends in defense of West

 Elon Musk tweets Kanye West
Elon Musk tweets Kanye West, “Welcome Back to Twitter, my friend!”

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, who has said he would buy Twitter and describes himself as a free speech absolutist, had welcomed rapper Kanye West’s return to the platform and responded to a post by the rapper tweeting: “Welcome back to Twitter, my friend!” The action taken by Twitter to lock the rapper’s account was notable.

West has a history of inconsistent online posting.
He was banned from Instagram earlier this year for 24 hours after using racial slurs toward comedian Trevor Noah.

According to sources, Instagram and Twitter blocked his account, possibly barring him from posting, commenting, or sending private messages.

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