Inside terrorism: Time for serious & strong actions | By P Senthil S Durai


Inside terrorism: Time for serious & strong actions

The recent terror attacks on a mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan have not only sent shockwaves across the world but also highlighted the urgent need for tackling terrorism head-to-head. These deadly attacks have already inflicted grave damage on so many precious human lives out there. First off, these inhuman strikes must be condemned in the strongest terms ever possible by the international community.

Given crucial factors including growing technology, a new world order and geopolitics, terrorism today cannot be restricted to any particular country as such. The East or the West, countries from across the world have long been in the grip of terrorism.

Remember, the US and even the whole world have still been recovering from the mammoth aftermath of the 2001 New York attacks [11 September attacks] – the most coordinated and stage-managed attacks ever seen worldwide. Right here, the fact of the matter is that terrorism has been omnipresent one way or another – or in any form [political or religious].
Way back in 2001, I, as a college student, had seriously talked about the World Trade Centre attacks and even written letters to the newspapers apart from discussing this with my friends and other people in my native areas like Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. That said, time has come to get serious and serious-minded about the menace of terrorism.

At the same time, it is really encouraging to note that the media groups from the West from the Washington Post to The New York Times to CNN to the economist to time to reader’s digest have been constantly paying their full attention to climate change issues through regular news updates on climate crisis – not to mention the big Asian media out there. Way to go indeed! More to the point, the media houses must say BIG NO to speculative theories apart from shunning unwanted stories about millionaires and billionaires. Rather than this, there have been more and more realistic things on the ground that they can focus on instead.

Added to this, columns and talk shows must be filled out with all the good and practical things as such. Right now climate change has to be tackled urgently as it has been eating into the natural resources on Mother Earth too fast.

As a parting shot, the international community must contemplate all the steps possible, not to mention technological advances, to fight off terror groups head-to-head, thereby eliminating terrorism from the globe completely.
—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Maharashtra, India.