Innovating the way to Hepatitis C free Pakistan

Observer Report

Ferozsons Laboratories Limited and Teamup are organizing the first-of-its kind hackathon on Hepati-tis C eradication, in partnership with Abbott, Pep-siCo, Nestlé, Corporate Coalition for Viral Hepatitis Elimination, SensusDx and other partners.

The hackathon aims to bring innovators, health hackers, entrepreneurs, and medical experts onto a common platform to find solutions that can curb the spread of the disease in Pakistan.

As part of the hackathon, an insightful panel discus-sion is being held on the 15th of July at 5 pm UTC+5 to discuss how innovative solutions for the prevention, detection and management of HCV can help eradicate this disease from Pakistan.

The panelists for the event include Dr. Huma Qure-shi, Focal Person on Hepatitis and Zoonosis from the Government of Pakistan, Dr. Asad Ali Choudhry, Vice-Chairman of PARSA Trust and Director PARSA HealthNet ECHO, Pakistan, Dr. Saeed Sadiq Hamid, Professor at the Department of Medicine and Director of the Clinical Trials Unit at The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan, and Osman Khalid Waheed-CEO of Ferozsons Labora-tories Limited.

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