Information Technology plays key role in development of country’s economy

Observer Report

Digital Transformation of Pakistan Ali Ashar Jaffri Accurate, real-time, and consolidated data leads to beneficial decisions, which is key to good governance and primary objective of a country’s public sector.

Information Technology has acted as a key enabler in the digital transformation of all areas of a country’s economy but this global digital revolution has faced greater obstacles in the public sector as opposed to private organisations.

Public sector digital transformation can be hindered by the extremely large amount of unconsolidated data, several complicated processes existing in digitally unconnected departments, resistance to status-quo from stakeholders, lack of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure, high cost, and low ICT literacy.

A similar situation has been witnessed in the case of the digital transformation of Pakistan’s public sector organisations. The country’s public sector has embarked on the journey of digitalisation since the last decade but the transformation has not been smooth. In Pakistan, modern technology adoption hardly exists in public sector organisations.
This anxiety causes the nontechsavy people to start resisting its adaption and implementation.

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