Industrialists plea to PM Imran for deferment of EOBI audit for 2 years


Observer Reoport


Engr. Nisar Ahmed Khan President S.I.T.E. Superhighway Association of Industry(SSHAI), has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to take serious action to address irritating issues related to EOBI and specially deferring the audits of EOBI and other institutions till sustainable and normal economic activities be restored at least for two years.
The appeal was made after the complaints made by a number of respectable members of the association that the EOBI officials pressing hard and issuing notices and reminders into the Industries which are already trying hard to restore their business activities.
“In the view of the severe economic crisis due to Covid-19, all the businesses are struggling to survive since last February and all the Industries had suffered extensively and still not in position to recover completely, while energy crisis further aggravated the situation despite support packages offered by federal and provincial governments”, he opined.
He further stated that the industrialists sense the sincerity of the federal government for the revival of industry by initiating to work on some initiative to the industry, discussed while in a recent meeting with PM Imran Khan.
Engr. Nisar Ahmed added that by feeling good gesture of the government, he would like a request to the Prime Minister to issue directives to the institutions for deferment of the audits for at least 2 years so that businesses can revive and contribute into the national economy and retain workforce.

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