Industrialists’ black marketing escalates current sugar crisis: Fakhar

Staff Reporter

Federal Minister for National Food Security Syed Fakhar Imam Tuesday said that the current sugar crisis escalated due to black marketing done by industrialists which left adverse effects not only on the supply chain mechanism but also on the economic growth of the country.

Since the inception of Pakistan, the industrial sector was being ill-regulated due to monopolists that always regard their personal interests over general welfare, he said while speaking in Radio Pakistan’s Current Affairs program.

However, PTI-led government under Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered the relevant authorities to ensure whether the sugar mills are operating in accordance with the rules and the ones breaching the rules should be punished.

Moreover, for the short term mitigation of sugar crisis, the government is importing 1.5 lac tons of sugar to meet the demand in the market he added. He said the additional steps will be required to further control the price mechanism.

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