Indus River’s water declared unsafe for drinking


The Sindh Irrigation Department has declared water from Indus River as ‘unsafe for drinking’ and directed authorities to take safety precautions before supplying water.

Chief Engineer Kotri Barrage Haji Khan Jamali has penned down a letter to Divisional Commissioner Hyderabad, DC Jamshoro, MD Water and Sanitation Agency Vasa and other departments, declaring water of Indus River as ‘unsafe for drinking’.

In the letter, Chief Engineer Kotri Barrage directed the authorities concerned to carry out complete treatment before supplying water to cities.

“The flood water being released from Lake Manchar is entering the Indus River”, the letter stated, noting that the irrigation department and authorities provide river water to people for drinking. Declaring the water ‘unhygienic’, the irrigation department urged authorities to take safety precautions ‘otherwise human lives may be at risk’.


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