Indonesia to provide funding assistance to Islamic schools soon



The Religious Affairs Ministry will soon disburse the 2023 School Operational Assistance (BOS) to private Islamic schools (madrasas), with the total allocation pegged at Rp4 trillion.

“Some time ago, I had approved the disbursement (of the assistance),” director general of Islamic education at the ministry, M. Ali Ramdhani, informed here on Wednesday.

According to the procedures, the funds were to be disbursed by the Directorate General of Treasury of the Finance Ministry to the Directorate General of Islamic Education at the Religious Affairs Ministry’s BOS channeling bank account (RPL) on Wednesday, he said.

The ongoing disbursement is the first phase of madrasas’ BOS distribution, he added. The funds will be provided to 49,074 private madrasas.

Director of madrasa curriculum, facilities, institutions, and student affairs (KSKK) at the Religious Affairs Ministry, M. Isom Yusqi, informed that Rp1.7 trillion of the Rp4 trillion assistance will be handed to 24,034 private Islamic elementary schools (MIs).

Meanwhile, Rp1.4 trillion will be disbursed to 16,667 private Islamic junior high schools (MTs) and Rp801 billion to 8,373 private Islamic senior high schools (MA).

Starting from 2023, the Gradual BOS policy for madrasas will be implemented, he added.

The Gradual BOS will provide financial assistance of varying amounts based on the operational expense of each madrasa.

“With the Gradual BOS policy, it is hoped that madrasas can better meet their operational needs and improve the quality of education in the schools. Utilize the budget according to their designation and in an accountable manner,” Yusqi noted.

He said that the Religious Affairs Ministry has prepared the EDM ERKAM V.2 application, which can be used in the transfer process of the BOS.

“This year (in 2023), no new account will be created.

Thus, (the administrators of) the madrasas can utilize the accounts they used in the previous year (in 2022) to receive the BOS (this year),” he added.— ANTARA