India’s warmongering


UNDER the Modi government whose agenda revolves around flames of agony and a complex of superiority, jingoism is at all-time high in India. Their ministers time and again keep pouring venom against Pakistan.

In the latest one, Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh once again warned Pakistan of surgical and airstrikes.

This really reflects India’s incurable obsession with Pakistan. It appears that the Indian Defence Minister has forgotten what happened to them a couple of years back when Pakistani Shaheens shot down their two aircraft and also captured their pilot.

And we have no doubt in saying that the Indians will meet the same fate if they opted for the same mistake as our forces are fully capable to give a befitting response to any aggression.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar whilst responding to the Indian threat very accurately and rightly stated that the Indian Minister’s remarks were delusional and reflective of New Delhi’s hostility towards its neighbours.

The Indian leadership is only engaged in falsehood and fantasy while pointing fingers at neighbours.

Though India has hegemonic designs in the region and has also signed a series of big ticket defence deals with different countries but the bashing its troops received from Chinese forces in Himalayas has only brought it embarrassment.

Regardless of this and the very latest statement of Indian Defence Minister also clearly suggests that the Indian government has not learnt any lesson from its mistakes and will not refrain from its usual mischiefs both against Pakistan and China which have always tried to tread the path of peace.

Time has come for the international community to shun silence on the Indian leadership’s continuing belligerent rhetoric and aggressive measures which pose a threat to regional peace and security.

The world must understand that any conflict between two nuclear armed neighbours will have disastrous consequences for the whole world.

India should be reined in before it is too late. It should be held accountable for the crimes being committed in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir as well as against minorities, especially Muslims in India.

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