India’s secret network exposed | By Attiya Munawer


India’s secret network exposed

ONCE again the conspiracy of India has been exposed and again it has been discovered that India is conducting negative propaganda not only against Pakistan but also against China and many organizations are busy printing fake news and reports to that end. The veil of work has been chalked up by the European Union organization, according to which India’s network for publishing fake news and reports spread around the world has been working since 2005. India knows profoundly that it cannot defeat China in the economic field nor can it advance from Pakistan in the defence and strategic affairs, so it wishes to cast dust in the eyes of the world by spreading false and baseless propaganda against both countries, but it will never succeed in such a nefarious goal.

The issue of India running a fake news network was revealed a few years ago by the European Union DisinfoLab report. Once again, in a recent report by the EU DisinfoLab, India has been held accountable for spreading fake news against Pakistan. It is stated in this report that the Indian wire service- Asian News International (ANI) in its news about Pakistan continues to refer to those journalists’ organizations and bloggers, which do not exist. As per European Union’s DisinfoLab, all these fake networks are not only run by the Srivastava Group of ANI Delhi but fake events and demonstrations against Pakistan are also organized by various NGOs in UN and UNHCR, the aim of which is to spoil the reputation of Pakistan at the international level.

The Indian government continues to use various conspiratorial tactics to spoil the reputation of Pakistan. India is not stopping its conspiratorial tactics despite repeated failures. The main reason for this is the two-pronged attitude of the world. They point to India’s conspiratorial behaviour and support it rather than oppose it. It is the result of this backing that India’s aggressive ambitions are growing. On the one hand, India is making propaganda against its neighbouring countries and on the other hand, it is bent on destroying peace of the region by using various conspiratorial tactics. If the world continues its oscillating policy on the issue of India, it will not be able to protect itself from the fire in the region.

It has not been hidden from the world that India is a claimant of democracy and human rights but on the other hand it is being carried out under a plan with a fascist concept. There is no satisfactory situation for minorities’ rights in India, nor are human rights granted to other nations, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are facing terrible treatment in occupied Jammu and Kashmir in particular and in general across India. If viewed as a whole, majority atrocities against religious, linguistic and ethnic minorities, terrible economic balance and social crimes are the facts of India which are confirmed by the internationally accepted data, but by deliberately covering up all these facts, India is manipulating the world through its propaganda machinery.

India is able to draw the world’s attention towards Pakistan through its propaganda machinery and gain the status of a moderate state in the eyes of the world. Pakistani authorities should try to understand the impact of India’s relations and wherever serious steps are taken to break this organized propaganda, bring all the facts before the world to show how big a threat India is becoming to world peace.