India’s fake narratives


WHEN it comes to churning out propaganda and disinformation and that too in a very organised and sophisticated manner, nobody can outshine India. Despite being exposed multiple times, it continues to pursue this heinous activity relentlessly. Yet again EU Disinfolab, a Brussels based independent NGO has revealed in a report that Indian news agency Asian News International (ANI) continues to push fake narratives using non-existent sources and fake reports to target rivals especially Pakistan and China. It is not the first time that EU Disinfolab has exposed the ugly face of India as couple of years back also it uncovered how Srivastava Group and ANI for years have been active in Brussels and Geneva in producing and amplifying content to undermine Pakistan through fake organisations. This was a sheer example of manipulating and misusing international system for achieving nefarious designs.

The disclosures by EU Disinfolab would have surprised many in the world yet not Pakistan as it was already aware of this Indian propaganda campaign and had warned world leaders that India is resorting to defamation campaign but unfortunately no ears were given to its voice. The reports of EU Disinfolab, both present and previous, have abundantly vindicated Pakistan’s position. India’s disinformation campaign was and is aimed at misleading the US and EU countries regarding freedom struggle in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir by linking it to terrorism and also discrediting Pakistan’s role in fighting war on terror.

India has also misled the world on human rights situation in Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan’s credentials regarding rights of its minorities. How Indian authorities hoodwinked the world on Pulwama attack is also no longer a secret that was staged by Indian authorities themselves to ensure election win for Narendra Modi. Had there been some other country especially a Muslim one in such a case, it would have been slapped with sanctions for vitiating regional security environment. However it is unfortunate that India is enjoying complete impunity both in its propaganda campaign as well as killing spree that is going on against Muslims in India and illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The fact of matter is that India is the biggest terrorist state in the world.

There are also statements of the US officials and reports that accept that New Delhi is perpetrating terrorism inside Pakistan. It is time to rein in Indian government and hold it accountable for its crimes before it is too late. Our foreign office must forcefully raise Indian nefarious activities both bilaterally with other countries and at international forums. While Indian mischievous activities and ploys to malign Pakistan and isolate it at international level have failed miserably, we should stay alert and need to come up with more proactive strategies to counter hybrid war imposed by India. Instead of wasting more time in peddling falsehoods and fake news, India would be well advised to put its house in order and take care of its own issues of grave human rights violations, exploitation of minority rights and rising Hindu radicalism.