India’s evil face



INDIA’S evil and dirty face is becoming more obvious and clear with each passing day.

A day after it admitted of politicizing Financial Action Task Force (FATF) against Pakistan, it emerged on Monday that New Delhi is hacking smartphones of journalists, government officials and human rights activists around the world.

According to an investigation by seventeen media organizations, at least one number once used by Prime Minister Imran Khan was also on the Indian list.

The Indian government never gets tired of blowing the trumpet of being the largest democracy in the world but the tactics it is employing are that of a repressive state.

With such acts, the Modi government has tried to create an environment of fear and intimidation to silence its critics at home.

Over the last few years human rights activists and journalists have come under attack in India, with many facing years of incarceration under stringent anti-terror laws. There can never be any justification to violate the privacy.

It is not only their own people but phones of leaders across the border have also been hacked by the Indian authorities, which is and should be a matter of serious concern for all. The aim definitely was to get access to some sort of secret information.

More dangerously, India’s offensive cyber capability is also more focused on Pakistan and just last year according to a statement of ISPR, a major cyber attack by Indian intelligence agency was identified.

Whilst we are confident that our authorities concerned would be alert enough to foil such snooping efforts and cyber attacks, Pakistan should forcefully raise the matter of hacking of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s phone at all appropriate international forums. Time has come to rein in India before it is too late.

For how long, the world community would continue to turn its back to the Indian crimes out of political and economic expediency.

Overlooking them will only further embolden the Modi regime to go ahead with its oppressive and repressive tactics that will further endanger the regional peace and security.

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