India’s agression against Pakistan will be her death: Sarwar


Staff Reporter

Governor Punjab Mohammad Sarwar has said that government and military are on same page for national stability and they are with people of Kashmir. No power in world can compete with emotions and velour of people of Kashmir. India will invite her death if it commits aggression against Pakistan. He was talking while meeting officers of Armed Forces enrolled in School of Artillery Noshera Cantt Officers Gunnery Course.
Governor Punjab Mohammad Sarwar said that Armed forces ate best force in world. Artillery is essential component of armed forces and play vital role during conflicts. Despite spending billions of dollars in Afghanistan and Iraq, America couldn’t win, while our Armed forces broke spinal cord of terrorists during operation Zarb e Azab and operation Rad ul Fasad.
Our Armed forces played critical role in war on terror and defeated terrorists. Whole nation salutes Pak Army owing to their velour and sacrifices in war on terror.
If India tries to commit any aggression against Pakistan, We will respond with full power and aggression. Pakistan Army will secure borders of Pakistan and defend every inch of soil. Pakistan nation and Pakistan Army stand with people of Kashmir in their struggle for right to self-determination.

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