Indian police arrest three persons including woman during nocturnal raid



In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Indian police personnel barged into a residential house in Badgam district and took away three inmates including a woman during the dark of the night on Monday.

A resident of Chadoora area of the district, Syed Najmul Huda, in a post on twitter said that at around 10:45 male policemen came inside the house and pulled out his father, his uncle, and his mother and took them with them. He said that he was assaulted after the police broke into the house without any reason.

Najmul Huda, who is a Cyber Security Researcher, posted a video on twitter in which a woman along with others arrested by the police can be seen in a police vehicle during night time. Najmul Huda said his mother was taken away by the male police personnel, but she was released later.

He said, one of the policemen shouted at him and threatened him if he did not delete the video. “Video delete karo warna tere baap aur teri life kharab karinege aur tujhe yahan fake drug case main band karenge (Delete the video or else your father and your lives will be devastated. We will accuse you in a drug case, if you do not delete the video),” the policeman told Najmul Huda.

“My father was made to call me from the police station and ask me to delete the video. Police tortured him and forced him to call me to tell me to delete the video. When I went to meet my father, they beat me and forcefully made me delete videos. The driver of the Rakshak (police vehicle) beat me and my mom with sticks,” Najmul Huda said.—KMS