Indian officials involved in issuing fake arms licences



Indian officials have been found involved in issuing online fake arms licenses in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
One Suresh Jagu Patel of Indian city of Nani Daman has disclosed during an investigation by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that he got fake gun licenses in connivance with Jatinder Kumar Mishra, ex-additional district magistrate and other officials of IIOJK’s Home Department. He also revealed that Jatinder Kumar Mishra, his assistant Arun Kumar and another official were dealing in Arms License Section in the Home Department in 2005.
Police of Daman recovered some weapons along with renewed license to purchase non-prohibited bore rifles with cartridges during searches at the residence of Jagu Patel in Bhimpore, Daman.
The Indian officials utilized Arms License Processing and Monitoring Systems (ALPMS) for uploading forged arms licenses issued to them by the authorities in IIOJK. However, the ALPMS show no record of locations from where these licenses were uploaded.
Numerous cases of issuing fraudulent arms licenses by the officials including Deputy Commissioners have surfaced in IIOJK particularly since the armed struggle against the Indian rule began in 1990s. Even criminals were found to have got such licenses. There are also reports that the CBI is investigating more than four lac arms licenses issued by powerful officers and that less than ten percent of these licenses were issued to the residents of IIOJK.
Experts believe that such arms can be used for conducting proxy operations not only in the occupied territory but against Pakistan as well.
They say that the RSS might be working behind this scam to arm its activists for its future designs including massacring the Muslims of the occupied territory.—KMS

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