Indian atrocities failed to erase Kashmiris’ love for Pakistan: Report

Kashmiris’ love for Pakistan

Islamabad (APP): Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control (LoC), Pakistan and all over the world observed Accession to Pakistan Day on July 19 with a renewed pledge to continue the struggle for freedom from Indian occupation and complete merger of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan.

An analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service revealed that about 500,000 Kashmiris have laid down their lives for Jammu and Kashmir’s freedom from Indian occupation and its accession to Pakistan during the past seven decades. It said that even the worst Indian brutalities failed to wipe out the Kashmiris’ love for Pakistan.

“Indian troops in their continued acts of state terrorism martyred over 96,093 Kashmiris, including 7,245 in custody and fake encounters since January 1989,” the report said.

The Indian troops subjected over 8,000 Kashmiri youth to custodial disappearance, molested and disgraced over 11,255 women and destroyed as many as 110,486 houses and structures while thousands of APHC leaders had been languishing in different jails of India and the territory under black laws.

However, the report added, these atrocities were unable to force the Kashmiri people to give up their struggle for the cherished goal.

During the partition of the Sub-continent, the people of Jammu and Kashmir decided to join Pakistan. But, Dogra Raja Hari Singh, who was ruling over the J&K, in connivance with the Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and governor-general Lord Mountbatten, joined India.

The report said that Indian forces landed in Srinagar on October 27, 1947, and forcibly occupied Jammu and Kashmir in utter violation of the partition plan and against the wishes of the Kashmiri people.

It is pertinent to mention that the UN Security Council adopted a resolution on April 21, 1948, which promised a plebiscite under UN auspices to enable the people of Jammu and Kashmir to determine whether they wished to join Pakistan or India. Later, India backed out of its promise of holding a plebiscite.

The report pointed out that the Kashmiris are observing the 75th Accession to Pakistan Day to convey to the world that Kashmir and Pakistan are incomplete without each other.

Kashmiris are continuing to struggle to translate the idea of accession of J&K to Pakistan under the spirit of the July 19, 1947 resolution, the report added.

The historical resolution of July 19, 1947, it said, thwarted the nefarious plans of Indian and British rulers against Muslims. Kashmiris will not rest until fulfilling their dream of freedom from the Indian yoke and accession with Pakistan.

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