PML-N offering Rs 500 million to PTI lawmakers to change loyalties: Murad Raas

Murad Raas

Lahore: PTI’s Murad Raas has made a shocking revelation in which the former Punjab education minister claimed that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was offering Rs 300 to 500 million to PTI’s lawmakers to change their loyalties.

In a tweet, Dr Murad Raas alleged that the PML-N was “trying everything to stay in power”.

Coalition vows to do all to save Punjab

Following a crushing defeat in the Punjab by-polls on Sunday, the top leadership of the ruling coalition got together in Lahore on Tuesday for an “introspective” huddle, resolving to save the Punjab government at any cost.

During the huddle, Hamza spent some time with Mr Zardari and got some ‘important tips’ regarding retaining his office.

“Losing Punjab means losing the Centre, and we cannot afford this,” maintained a participant. “Explore all legal and the required options to save the coalition government in Punjab,” he said.

CM Election

Following the verdict of the Supreme Court, the election for the Chief Minister of Punjab is set to take place on July 22. The PTI-PMLQ alliance is looking confident to secure the seat which went into PMLN’s hands after Usman Buzdar’s resignation and the subsequent change of numbers in the 371-member Punjab assembly.

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However, the recent by-polls have turned the tables, and the PTI-PMLQ now enjoy a lead of 2 seats than the required 186 numbers.

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