Indian Army Chief lacks understanding of Kashmir case: Nazir Gilani


Observer Report


The President of Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights (JKCHR), Dr Syed Nazir Gilani, has said if the military leadership of India sets its compass in the manner described in Army Chief’s statement that “if Indian Army gets an order then it will take appropriate action to get Azad Jammu and Kashmir, as a consequence of a war between the two nuclear States we may have a very different India beyond 2020 and many of us may not live to see it.
Dr Syed Nazir Gilani in a statement issued in Islamabad said that to advocate aggression in Kashmir does not make General Manoj Mukund Naravane a good soldier and a good Army Chief of India. His statement that if Indian Army gets an order then it will take an appropriate action to get Azad Kashmir. He pointed out that a parliamentary resolution states that the entire Jammu and Kashmir region was a part of India, points to an unfortunate killing instinct and a dangerous lack of understanding of Kashmir case.
He said that General Naravane and his army had entered Kashmir, temporarily and under four conditions. It is a sub-ordinate army and should act as a supplement to Kashmir government. It is not a prevailing army. Government of Kashmir at Srinagar could terminate the terms of temporary admission any time. The statement has said that any activity extraneous to the terms of four condition, is unlawful and attracts military indiscipline.
Dr. Nazir Gilani pointed out that UN Security Council resolution of 1947 had further placed three restraints on the number, behaviour and location of Indian forces. These forces have overridden these seven restraints and after August 5 2019 aggression, they have degenerated into occupation forces. Their presence in Kashmir is illegitimate and at war with the people of Kashmir. General Naravane lead forces of India would be attracting war crimes and crimes against peace.
The JKCHR President said that it was unfortunate to find that a killing instinct permeates through rank and file in Indian forces. He asked the Indian Army Chief, to update himself on the jurisprudence of Kashmir case. India has surrendered the provisional accession at the UN Security Council on 15 January 1948, for a UN supervised free, secure and impartial Plebiscite. Indian presence in Kashmir, in defiance of UN mechanism, after 15 January 1948, is an occupation.
Dr Nazir Gilani maintained that Modi Government and Indian army had lost the touch with common sense and history. It was at the 570th meeting of the UN Security Council on 17 January 1952, that Dr Frank Graham the UN Representative for India and Pakistan, submitted his report of 18 December 1951 and in paragraph 70 argued that, “The sub-continent is the place for a time1y example of demilitarization and self-determination. Now is the time for the dedicated leadership of two great peoples to rise to the call of their spiritual heritage, the responsibility of their power and the opportunity for their greatness to give in a dark world challenging examples and fresh hopes to the peoples in the unresting adventure of the human spirit, through’ the United Nations, in the long pilgrimage towards a freer and fairer world, in answer to the prayers of the people for peace and freedom on God’s good earth.”
Modi leadership does not fit into the UN template of an intelligent, responsible and spiritual leadership. Therefore any misadventure or miscalculation may result into a human catastrophe and many of us may not be here anymore, he added.
Dr. Nazir Gilani said that, “On the one hand we have “prayers of the people for peace and freedom on God’s good earth” and on the other RSS has an agenda to decimate all except Hindus. We hope ‘prayers for peace’ will prevail, and Indian General would not decide to engage Pakistan and Kashmiris on both sides of cease fire line and across the world in a war of total attrition.
The JKCHR President has said that in any future war in addition to a nuclear catastrophe, Indian General should appreciate the unfreezing of five out of six elements recognised by the UN Security Council, for a war to undo the occupation of Indian army. It is time that the General does not upset the cart and provokes all elements into a war. It would be unfortunate for him to survive and without anyone alive around.