India plotting to repeat 1947 Jammu like massacre in Valley: Siddiqui



In occupied Kashmir, the Chairman of Tehreek-e-Muzahamat, Bilal Ahmed Siddiqui, has said that Kashmir is an internationally recognised dispute and the Kashmiris will continue their struggle for its resolution according to the United Nations resolutions.
Bilal Siddiqui in a statement issued in Srinagar said that passing of imperialist orders from New Delhi were aimed at changing the Muslim majority status of the territory into a minority.
He said that recent moves by India in connection with issuance of domiciles and settlement of outsiders in occupied Kashmir betrayed New Delhi’s nefarious designs against the people of Kashmir. “These acts are reflective of fascist Hindutva mindset which has been working on this sinister strategy since New Delhi set foot in Kashmir through its military might and political deception,” he added.
Bilal Siddiqui said it was started from Jammu in 1947 when half a million Muslims were brutally murdered and more than a million were uprooted from their land and forced to migrate by the Hindu communal forces. “Then tens of thousands of outsiders were brought from Punjab, UP and other states of India to grab their lands and properties and now the same practice is being repeated in the Kashmir Valley,” he added.
He said that Jammu Kashmir was an internationally recognised dispute, which should be resolved as per the UN resolutions and aspirations of the Kashmiri people.—KMS

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