India played nefarious role in creation of Bangladesh in 1971


It is an established fact that India played its nefari-ous role in dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 as its role in arming, training and instigating the Mukti Bahini was the major factor in the creation of Bang-ladesh.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said Indian leaders, including its present-day fascist Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, have openly confessed about Indian role to break up Pakistan in 1971.

It said that India was fueling its hate for Paki-stan into the minds and hearts of Bangladeshi masses through reigniting twisted and fabricated ills of 1971 and its interference in internal affairs of Bangladesh started right from its creation in 1971. The report said that contributions by the leaders of Bengal had been pioneering and phenomenal and formed a great chapter of region’s history in the Pakistan movement. All India Muslim League, the party which championed cause of Pakistan, itself was formed in Dhaka in 1906, it added.

The report deplored that India, under Modi-led fascist government, had intensified meddling in the internal affairs of its neighboring countries, includ-ing Bangladesh, adding that New Delhi was creating hurdles for Bangladesh to formulate an independent foreign policy. The Bangladesh, it said, needs to realize the In-dian role in creating fissures between Islamabad and Dhaka. India is influencing Bangladesh to further its hegemonic designs in South Asia, it deplored.—INP


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