India in shock, highly disturbed by failure of Russian military hardware

Fahd Gauhar Malik
Special Report

Armed to the teeth with Russian air and ground weapons, the India armed forces are in a shock and highly disturbed by reports that Russia has lost its dozens of its most advance aircraft, tanks and even S-series anti missile defence systems during Ukraine operations.

Military observers are now studying how, Russia’s advance aircraft and anti missiles systems failed during last two weeks of actions.

Indian military and Air Force experts are calling on Govt. to reconsider its new contracts worth billions of dollars with Russia.

It may be recalled that during a brief air confrontation with Pakistan on February 27, 2019, India has lost at least three aircraft in one day and got SqLrd Abhinandhan Warthaman captured by Pakistan.

India media has reported that as the Russia-Ukraine war entered its 10th day, the Ukrainian Air Force Command declared that they managed to destroy more of Russia’s military equipment. As per a statement by the Ukraine Defence Ministry, at least three Russian Su-25 military aircraft and three more helicopters of the Russian forces were shot down on Friday.

Though Russia denied using Su-34 in the war against Ukraine, it was first seen on March 28 near the border of Kharkiv.

According to reports reaching here Indian military Commanders were re-assessing their earlier decision to purchase more Russian tanks, long-ranged guns and choppers.

According to media reports prior to the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian military had concentrated about 700 units of aircraft – 450 planes and more than 250 helicopters – around its borders. British Daily Mail has reported that Russia has lost 108 tanks, 224 troop carriers, 17 mobile rocket launchers, 10 helicopters and 10 aircraft.

Russia has strongly refuted Ukrainian claims and added that Russian forces have destroyed at least 25 percent of Ukrainian mitary might. At four Ukraianian cities have already fallen or two have sought Russian support against what the called Ukrainian assault.

According to Turkish state Anadolu news agency, that India has not only purchased a $5.5 billion worth S-400 Triumf missile defense system from Russia, but there is also along-term cooperation on the licensed production of the Su-30MKI for the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Production of the T-90, T-72M1 tanks for the ground forces, and BrahMos cruise missiles are going on at different factories in India. The manufacturers of Russian AK-203 rifles are planning to set up a unit in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


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