India has lost control over IoK after repealing special status: Raja



Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider on Monday said that by repealing the special status granted to Indian-occupied Kashmir, New Delhi has lost its control over the territory in its entirety.
In a press conference held in Islamabad, Haider said that New Delhi had always maintained that it had provided special status to IoK under Article 370 of India’s constitution. “They [India] have lost their own stance through this move,” he said, adding that a session of the AJK assembly had been summoned to discuss the situation.
“India has formally lost Kashmir today. We were never a part of India but today it has lost Ladakh, Jammu and the valley as well,” he declared. Kashmiris in IoK are “fighting for their lives”, the AJK premier said, adding that he feared India “would commit a genocide” in the region.
He said that the government should “not only counter India’s propaganda but also present its own viewpoint before the world”, cautioning that the revoking of IoK’s special status will not only affect the held territory but also “spill over into Azad Kashmir, and that can create a situation between Pakistan and India”. “Yesterday, I told the foreign minister — and he agreed with me — that the [United Nations] fact-finding mission should be allowed to visit AJK. They should see that we have nothing to hide. This will put pressure on India because questions will be raised over [New Delhi’s] refusal to provide the mission access to [IoK],” he said. — Agencies

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