India General’s statement denounced



Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League (JKYML), Zahid Ashraf has lashed out at the obnoxious and diabolical statement of a former Indian army General against Kashmiri women. He in a statement while referring to the highly provocative statement of Major General (Retd), S P Sinha said that the remarks were outrageously unconscionable and a slap in the face of the global conscience. S P Sinha during a talk show on an Indian channel, a day back, called for rape and murder of Kashmiri women in occupied Kashmir. Zahid Ashraf said that the statement should never go unnoticed as it testifies to the barbaric face of the occupation forces and their heinous tactics of repression to suppress the legitimate voice of freedom. He said that thousands of killings and gang rapes during the last three decades should have exposed the murderous and inhuman face of the occupying power, India. INP/AK

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