Indecent dance performance within SHC premises prompts action, draws online ire


KARACHI – Bar Associations have certain rules and regulations and are known to maintain decorum, but one such case shows a rare sight, which even prompted action.

The event occurred in the provincial capital Karachi where the Sindh High Court Bar Association hosted the cultural event in which indecent dance was performed which draws strong reactions from social media users.

It was learnt that Sindh High Court Bar Association with a Lawyer’s Movement and an entertainment club hosted a Sufi and cultural music event at the courthouse’s new Bar Room.

Videos and pictures from the event soon went viral on social media, showing a female dancer shaking a leg on Laila Main Laila with a portrait of the nation’s founder in the background that further irked netizens.


As people were shocked to see the clips, lawyers and judges were literally enjoying the dance within the premises of the Sindh High Court.

The matter soon garnered online furor, and then the President of the SHCBA denounced the activities at the event, calling them below the decorum and dignity of the Sindh High Court. He further banned holding all such activities under the guise of bar association events.