‘Incompetent’ PM’s policies making mockery of country, says Ghani


Minister for Education Saeed Ghani has said that the present incompetent prime minister and his policies are making a mockery of Pakistan all over the world.

The country’s GDP growth is claimed to be 3.9 per cent, according to figures from the time of the finance minister, whom he blamed for inflation and the collapse of the economy.

No action has been taken against anyone since the commission on the Sugar scandal and later the forensic report from the FIA and now a senator will decide all these reports, a bigger joke has never happened to this country before.

In Sindh, the ninth to twelfth exams will be held in July, while the eighth exams will be decided in the next one to two days.

He said that hundreds of thousands of candidates have applied for the recruitment of 37,000 teachers in Sindh but IBA Sukkur has not been able to take their test due to Covid.

In this regard, IBA Sukkur will personally visit in one to two days to review the situation.

Business and trade activities in the province have not stopped happily and the decisions that have been made are difficult and painful but we cannot prioritize the economy over lives.

There was no civil war in the country before and there is no situation now and we had solved all the problems through bargaining with the traders in the past and will continue to do so.

Mirza Khalilullah, former MQM member of Sindh Assembly and in-charge of London Nine Zero and current PSP Europe and UK Vice President, has joined PPP today.We welcome him to our party.

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Bilawal House Media Cell on Tuesday.

Saeed Ghani said that leaders and activists of various political parties are continuing to join PPP and today former member of Sindh Assembly and MQM London Secretariat responsible and senior vice president of current PSP Europe and UK Mirza Khalilullah, with whom he had been in touch for some time, has formally announced his joining the PPP.

He said that no single media or reporter could graph the performance of PPP but this decision would be taken by the people of Sindh.

He said that in the recent by-elections, people across the province, including Karachi, have proved what a graph the PPP has.

He said that the people of Baldia Town where PPP never won in NA-249 elections have also expressed their confidence in PPP.

Saeed Ghani said that the present government and its more than 300 spokespersons were trumpeting that the country’s GDP growth rate had reached 3.9 percent and that the figures were being given at a time when the finance minister was Hafeez Sheikh, whom he had tried to make a minister by winning the Senate elections, but after his defeat, he was blamed for inflation and the destruction of the economy in the country and ShaukatTarin was brought in.

He said that the present incompetent prime minister and his government have tarnished the image of Pakistan in the world.

He said that after the forensic report of the commission and FIA on the Sugar scandal, a senator has now been asked to investigate his report, which is no less than a joke.

He further said that a few days ago, the prime minister said that we cannot normalize trade relations with India because to do so is tantamount to loss to the Kashmir cause and the same prime minister in his capacity as minister of commerce approved a summary of trade with India.

And the summary of commerce minister Imran Khan was rejected by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

These are the moves on which Prime Minister Imran Khan should take action against the commerce minister and remove him from office.

Saeed Ghani said that PPP would hold protests all over Sindh as per the announcement made by NisarKhuhroagainst water cut in Sindh.

Responding to questions from journalists on the occasion, he said that QayyumSoomro’s meetings with PDM leaders are similar to the meetings that other party leaders, including me, have with leaders of other political parties.

Can’t be said  To another question, he said that this year 155 schemes in the education department are to be completed by June 2021 and it is hoped that they will be completed while in the next financial year our focus will be on repairing old school buildings instead of building new schools.

And the maintenance work has to be done because the condition of these schools has deteriorated after the floods and rains.