Rikshaw drivers take out rally against LPG prices

Staff Reporter

Rikshaw drivers on Tuesday took out a rally against increase in LPG prices and threatened of further stirke if prices were not controlled.

They were of the view that even before the budget, the burden of inflation was imposed on the poor by increasing of Rs 8 per kg in the price of LPG.

Addressing the rally union leaders said that the burden of inflation was imposed on the poor before the budget and the price of LPG was increased by Rs 8 per kg.

In this regard, the rickshaw drivers took out a protest rally in Johar Town, rejecting the exorbitant prices.

On this occasion, Chairman Awami Riksha Union said that with the rise in LPG prices, a new storm of inflation will come. He said that the people were already suffering from inflation and if the prices were further increased, the difficulties would be exacerbated.