Incompetent Opp makes IK even more popular, says Sh Rashid


Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid maintained Sunday that Prime Minister Imran Khan had become very popular due to incompetence of the opposition.

“When Imran Khan comes out [of Parliament], they [the opposition] will arrest him. His arrest will trigger new protests in the country. How will 172 people [parliamentarians] compete with 220 million people?” stated Sheikh Rashid.

“Democracy is in danger; ‘system’ can also be wrapped up; there may be new elections; there may be 155 resignations,” added he.

The interior minister’s statement comes in a scenario when the opposition appears quite confident to remove Prime Minister Imran Khan through a vote of no-confidence in the Parliament.

On the other hand, the opposition in Punjab Assembly also seems poised to gain a victory in election of the new leader of the House after the resignation of former chief minister Usman Buzdar.

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