In free, fair election, Zardari remove from Sindh: Zaidi



PTI Sindh President and former Federal Minister Ali Zaidi have said that the country is currently going through a difficult situation. Bilawal has spent billions of rupees on foreign trips. What is wrong with early elections? Bilawal took out inflation march from Karachi and reached Islamabad. At that time, Bilawal Bhutto demanded early elections, now he is running away from the elections. If the next elections are held honestly, Zardari Mafia will be finished from Sindh.

According to details on the invitation of Malir Press Club, Ali Zaidi visited Malir Press Club and addressed “Meet the Press”. MPA Arsalan Taj, and other were also present on the occasion.

While addressing Meet the Press, the former minster said that no confidence move also came in India, early elections were held in the past. PDM groups are now running away from early elections. They used to say that anti-trust cannot succeed without the will of the establishment.

Zaidi said that industries are shutting down across the country, there is a gas crisis. Now the electricity crisis is coming. Coal is being procured for the power plant in Sahiwal and the government is corrupting it. PTI won in the by-election, but everyone knows why it lost in Malir. Police are taking possession of lands in Malir, he added.

He further said that political stability in the country cannot come without economic stability. In Britain, the Prime Minister resigned for not passing the budget. Nawaz Sharif and Maryam are visiting Europe together. The no-confidence movement was made successful by buying the members of the assembly. In 2018, the people gave the mandate to Imran Khan.

The PTI leader said that there has been a sharp rise in inflation in the country. People’s back has been broken due to inflation during eight months. The PDM government has lost its status among the people. At present, no one is ready to invest in the country.

He further said that Nawaz Sharif went abroad due to low platelets. BRT is being developed in Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, but everyone knows what the situation in Sindh is. State terrorism continues in Sindh. Zardari has not stolen my goat but has seized the lands of Sindh. It is a fact that we made a mistake and now we are focusing on Sindh. Mistakes happen, we try to learn from our mistakes.

Zaidi said that Khan Sahib praised General Bajwa during his tenure. General Bajwa also helped on the country’s debt, but Imran Khan also criticized General Bajwa for the work that was done after him. If General Bajwa helped on domestic matters, it was domestic affairs. PPP has looted by using 18th amendment.