Imran, Xi Jinping review Pak-China bilateral coop


Both sides express strong determination to safeguard CPEC from all threats; Ties with China ‘cornerstone’ of Islamabad’s foreign policy: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chinese President Xi Jinping during their ‘historic meeting’ on Sunday, held at the Great Hall of People in Beijing, reviewed the entire gamut of Pakistan-China bilateral cooperation and exchanged views on regional and global issues of mutual interest “in a warm and cordial atmosphere”.

Imran Khan underscored that the Pakistan-China relationship was “the cornerstone of its foreign policy” as both sides reiterated their support on issues “concerning each other’s core interests”.

According to a joint statement released after the meeting of Imran Khan with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Pakistan side expressed its “commitment to One-China Policy and support for China on Taiwan, South China Sea, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet”.

“The Chinese side reaffirmed its support for Pakistan in safeguarding its sovereignty, independence and security, as well as promoting its socio-economic development and prosperity,” it added.

As per the statement: “The leaders of the two countries held in-depth exchange of views on the entire spectrum of bilateral relations as well as the regional situation and international political landscape.”

Imran Khan also lauded Xi for his Belt and Road Initiative, saying the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor significantly contributed to Pakistan’s economic and social development.

“Both sides acknowledged the major contribution of CPEC projects, particularly in the areas of energy and transport infrastructure, in strengthening Paki-stan’s key role in regional connectivity while modernising its economic base.”

They also reaffirmed their support for timely completion of the CPEC projects while agreeing to further “leverage the private sectors and en-trepreneurs” to contribute to Pakistan’s indus-trialisation.

“Both sides expressed their strong determina-tion to safeguard CPEC from all threats and nega-tive propaganda,” the statement added.

The Chi-nese side appreciated the launch of the Pakistan-China Business and Investment Forum, it said.

“The leaders agreed to task the CPEC Joint Cooperation Committee to strengthen coopera-tion across all areas,” it said.

The two sides high-lighted the significance of Gwadar as a central pillar of CPEC and important node in regional connectivity, it said, adding, “according to the “1 + 4” layout, the two sides agreed to jointly accel-erate the construction and operation of Gwadar Port and build Gwadar low-carbon circular in-dustry zone.”

The statement said that the Pakistan and Chi-nese leaders agreed to develop Gwadar for the socio-economic benefit of its residents.

During the interaction, Pakistan also reaffirmed its commitment to the security of all Chinese per-sonnel, projects and institutions in Pakistan.

“Both sides observed that [the] CPEC was a win-win enterprise and pivotal for regional prosperity and enhanced connectivity.

As an open and inclusive initiative, third parties were welcome to benefit from investment opportuni-ties in CPEC SEZs,” the statement added.

The two sides reviewed with satisfaction bi-lateral cooperation and mutual support after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the state-ment said, adding that it was also decided to enhance existing cooperation for developing emergency response systems, public health infrastructure and joint ventures for the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan.


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