Imran urges legal fraternity to play its role to save country


Asks SC to monitor Sharif family’s corruption cases

Tariq Saeed

Calling upon the Supreme Court of Pakistan to monitor the corruption cases involving the Sharif family, former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has stressed that the judiciary and the lawyers community has to play a crucial role to save the country

“You have got to play a very important role and wage jihad to save the country, to ensure real independence of Pakistan”. Imran Khan told a lawyer’s convention in the provincial metropolis on Monday adding it was the responsibility of the judiciary and lawyers to uphold the rule and law in the country, or else the history would not forgive them.

He said the future generations would not pardon us if we fail to frustrate the conspiracies being hatched by the foreign forces with the help of their local stooges. “Pakistani is standing at a decisive moments and it’s a high time that everybody plays his role for an independent and prosperous Pakistan”. Khan said.

Imran Khan said that all previous governments in Pakistan were removed because of corruption with the exception of the PTI-led one. “Since our government was not removed due to corruption, people took to the streets instead of distributing sweets.” He said.

Recounting his government’s performance, Imran said that Pakistan performed much better in the last two years in the economic sector as compared to the past. “The country achieved record tax collection targets during PTI’s tenure,” he said

Imran said Pakistan was already out of the difficult times when his government was removed to install an “imported government” which has no guts to run the country since their only aim is to mint money.

He said he will avenge the imported government for what it has done to the nation under a conspiracy with the help of their foreign masters who did not wish to see a prosperous Pakistan.

Imran said Sharif family was rightly dubbed as the “Silicon Mafia” by the Supreme Court judges adding these people would only frighten people to consolidate its rule and hamper protest. He said this mafia could either purchase people or eliminate them. Former Prime Minister also referred to an interview of former prosecutor of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Zulqarnain, who he said, confessed that he was stopped from further investigating Sharif family’s cases.

Imran claimed that the Sharif family collected Rs16 billion in the name of servants. “Rs375 crore were transferred to the account of Malik Maqsood, a peon at the Ramzan Sugar Mills,” he said, adding that when Shehbaz and Hamza were about to be punished, they were made the chief executives. “If these people stay in the government any longer, the rule of law in the country will be destroyed”. PTI chairman said,

Khan said that Pakistan has been ruled by the military but two political families the Sharifs and Zardaris monopolized the political area and remained in power for the last 62 years but did nothing for the masses except minting money.